About Track Supermarket and Gira Gira Chariya

Track Supermarket: Our web shop that ships worldwide! We have been supplying the best Japan has to offer since 2007!

Gira Gira Chariya: One of our physical stores in central Osaka! There, we handle local sales, repairs, and do all sorts of custom work. We build wheels, arrange custom frame orders with Nagasawa, Panasonic and more. We also install and have intimate knowledge of the parts we sell on Track Supermarket.

Gira Cha Coffee: Our espresso bar and we also have beers on hand. This shop combines Amazing coffee, Beer, and Bicycles! What more could you ask for? Feel free to stop by if you are in town!

To all of you, from all of us at Track Supermarket and Gira Gira Chariya - Thank you!

Track Supermarket/Gira Gira Chariya Founder