Hirame / Kuwahara pump head / adapter


This is the best pump head I have ever used. It is designed and produced by Hirame, the sister company of Kuwahara, in Osaka Japan.
It can handle very high pressure without popping off while you are pumping air. The lever holds onto the valve very firmly, and the clamping pressure can be adjusted easily. It is L shaped so can be used to pump disc wheels, hed3 etc, as well as normal spoked wheels.
If you are racing at the track, are a bike mechanic/shop, or just an enthusiast who wants the best, you have to check this Hirame pump head out. It is a beautiful little piece of engineering. Kuwahara is a small company with only a hand full of staff and due to the hand made nature, the wait for Hirame pump adapters is now up to 12 weeks.


  • Manufactured by: Kuwahara