Dia Compe clamp-on brake set FRONT (black - oval type)


The perfect way to fit a front brake to your track/fixed gear bike's fork, without the need to drill a hole!
Before buying, you need to determine whether your fork tubes are round, slightly oval shaped, or aero (bladed), and then choose which brake set is right for your bike. Please refer to the photo to be accurate.
If you still are not sure which type your bike's fork is, please send a couple of photos to rene@njssupermarket.net and I will determine which type of brake you need.
This kit includes, brakets, brake caliper, pads, cable and a basic chrome lever, which can be used on a drop handle bar, but cannot be fitted to a riser, straight or bullhorn handle bar. If you have a riser, straight bar, or bullhorn bar, please purchase a brake lever separately. Track Supermarket stocks both the Gran Compe Shot Lever, and the Dia Compe MX-122 brake lever sets.
*These brakes are designed for steel forks, and will not fit over many aluminium or carbon forks.
Please note that the design of the oval clamp has changed from silver to Black and looks similar to the Aero type clamp. Thank you.


  • Manufactured by: Gran Compe