Welcome to Track Supermarket!

Konnichiwa! Welcome to Track Supermarket.

We have hand-picked the best track bike components available in Japan and will ship them to your door, from our shop in central Osaka!

The NJS approved parts are strong, durable, perform well and are perfectly suited to the battleground of Japanese Keirin racing. They are also some of the most beautiful track bike parts available anywhere in the world. Far more than just a stamping, the NJS mark represents the best that Japanese manufacturing has to offer.
We also offer other parts for every day street riding, as well as clothing and accessories produced by smaller independent companies in Japan, like T19, W Base, Starfuckers, B Witch and more.

We have also recently starting stock a few items from abroad, which fill in some gaps in our parts line-up, such as Euro Asia cogs from the USA, and Thomson parts, also from America. If you see 'restocking' next to a product, this means it is temporarily sold out, so please use the 'contact us' page to get an estimate on when the item will be back in stock. A frame which has 'restocking' next to it, is sold out.

Please see the FAQ and HELP pages for all the information you need, regarding shopping for track bike parts and frames.